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E-wallets for betting

For every punter, the proper payment method is of crucial importance when deciding to start on the gambling arena. Choosing the right one is very important as it will help you fund an account via betting service very quick. One of the fastest and easiest ways to transfer funds to and from a betting account is through the very popular e-wallets. These are online services for electronic transactions that will speed up the process of moving funds all over the world. Although most of them have several years in the market, this is still a new and modern method if you compare it to traditional bank transfers.

The need for these e-wallets comes not only to facilitate transactions in the gambling industry. They were also created because of the number of restrictions that most punters must face when funding a betting account. In most cases, it is almost impossible to use the banking system since online bookmakers tend to be based on countries considered as financial paradises.

How do they work?

An e-wallet is basically like a traditional wallet where you can have your money safe and sound; it also offers regular options like the banking system to deposit, transfer funds and withdraw. Additionally, it allows you to spend your money anywhere online as long as the e-wallet is accepted. The positive side of e-wallets is that the transactions are instant. This means that you don’t have to wait for 2-4 business days for the money to reach the other wallet. And this is especially advantageous for punters because they can make fast deposits and withdraws on their betting accounts to take benefit from the ever-changing betting offers.

Why using an e-wallet?

  • Privacy: punters can be sure that their personal information will be safe with the latest technology on encrypting and data protection. Most e-wallets make sure of this.

  • Reliability: you can make use of your money whenever you want/need because your money is always in your e-wallet. It is like having it in your real wallet.

  • Professional gaming: most of the existing e-wallets are gambling-friendly so, punters won’t have any problem to fund their betting accounts, nor they will have to give explanations about their activity.

  • Funding options: there are diverse ways to fund your e-wallet, from international and local bank transfers to credit/debit card. But also the popular cryptocurrencies, which are payment methods not regularly accepted by online bookmakers.

  • It’s very easy to register at an e-wallet. Just go to the site, fill the sign-up form with your personal details and you are ready to go. Don’t forget to fund your account so you are ready to use it with the best bookmakers for horse racing. Let’s now go deeper into the e-wallets we recommend: Neteller and Skrill.

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