Greyhound - EgyptSome people think that greyhounds are the most exciting dogs in the world. No other breed has such steely muscles, speed and agility. It is natural that such incredible power can’t be reached by being a “couch potato” and consequently dogs are being trained properly. But still, nobody forces greyhounds to run.

These are not horses with riders on their backs that tell them what to do, and these are not African lions incited by their instinct to hunt and kill the game. Unlike horses and lions, greyhounds are running for the sheer love of it. It is worth noting that it’s impossible to force greyhounds to do something especially if they don’t want to.

Quite soon greyhound stadiums spread all over the country and the very first Greyhound Derby with a prize of 1,000 pounds was held. It is worth noting that even now the Derby is considered to be the biggest race in the greyhound racing calendar. Nowadays it is held at Wimbledon Stadium in southwest London. New rules were introduced to greyhound racing in order to prevent foul play and malpractice. Over the years, the betting industry has understood the importance of greyhound and offered the opportunity to play on these events. Today, there are many options to place your greyhound racing bet on. The betting service with no restrictions offers the best options for your convenience.

Greyhound racing today

Greyhound racing has become a very popular pastime and attendances suffered only during the war times, but the situation was the same with all the other recreational activities. During the 50s and 60s the boom continued; however, the broadcasting of live horse racing affected greyhounds’ popularity badly.

Further fall was caused by the property slump in the 1970s. The quantity of tracks was reduced but it didn’t prevent superstar greyhounds such as Scurlogue Champ to appear on the remaining tracks and attract crowds.

The 80s had a greyhound hero, loved and admired by everyone. Ballyregan Bob managed to win the affection of thousands of people who have achieved a record-breaking number of 32 consecutive wins. During the same period, the British Greyhound Racing Board was set up in order to discuss the improvement and promotion of the considered industry.

All in all, there are 26 licensed greyhound stadiums in Great Britain. Even despite the fact that new stadiums appear constantly the quality of the service is still of the highest level. It is estimated that approximately 2.5 billion pounds are stacked every year on greyhound racing. According to recent research, greyhound racing is the third most attended and popular spectator sport in England following football and horse racing. One of the best options for your greyhound racing bets is a Betfair account via a broker. So take a look at the Betfair exchange review we wrote in our Bookies section and find out what offers they can provide to you!