Famous Greyhounds

Mick the Miller Dog Mick the Miller is considered the pioneer of the greyhound racing in Great Britain. Born in Ireland, Mick was expected to compete in the American greyhound racing circuit, but a devastating tornado that hit St. Louis, Missouri put the deal off. He was sold to Father Martin Brophy, a catholic priest who brought him to race in England. Despite his short three year racing career, Mick the Miller was highly acclaimed all over the world and by the end of his last race was already an icon of the sport. His main achievement is winning 19 races in a row including two successive English Greyhound Derbies. He won 51 of the 68 races he was entered into. After his retirement he featured in films and social events maintaining his status of a sporting hero.
Patrcia's Hope Greyhound Patricia’s Hope was one of the greatest greyhounds to grace the sport. A white and fawn dog, he was gifted with incredible all around pace and determination. Patricia’s Hope won 8 out of 13 races in his first racing year. He was entered in the 1972 Derby but wasn’t fancied at 7/1 odds for the final. However, he took the race by storm winning by four lengths. In the same year Patricia’s Hope was retired to stud in Ireland, but he returned with aplomb next season to claim the second derby victory. After this triumph, he became only the second dog in racing history after Mick the Miller to win the derby two times. An achievement that was lately matched only Rapid Ranger and Westmead Hawk.
Ballyregan Bob Greyhound Ballyregan Bob was one of the most successful greyhounds that ever raced in Britain. He will always be remembered for his incredible world record winning sequence of 32 races in the mid-eighties. He was entered in a total of 48 races and tasted defeat on six occasions only. His trainer, George Curtis, described him as “the perfect racing machine.” Ballyregan Bob was a true racing superstar and drew large crowds whenever he ran. He was the master of recoveries from slow starts, producing famous bursts of speed at the end of the race. In his last race that was screened all over the country the he set a new world record. Ballyregan Bob brought a breath of fresh air to greyhound racing in when it was so badly needed.
Scurlogue Champ is one of the most popular greyhounds in Great Britain. A real crowd-pleaser and great competitor, Scurlogue had a big following across the country, and even his own football style chant. He’s racing style was a joy to watch. He would start slowly, then miraculously yet nonchalantly outrun everyone. Like every great champ, Scurloge had a life changing before becoming a racing superstar. He was swapped for a cow and went into the care of Jim Sutton, the first man to spot his racing potential. Scurlouge Champ went to smash records all over the UK, claiming 51 wins from 63 races and no less than 18 tracks records.
Rapid Ranger Greyhound Rapid Ranger was a male brindle greyhound and only the third dog in racing history to win the English Greyhound Derby on more than one occasion. Ranger got to a slow start in his racing career and was defeated in his first two races. However, he showed glimpses of greatness that soon brought him eternal glory. What’s remarkable about Ranger’s two consecutive Derby victories is the fact that he was beaten in the early rounds but won both finals comfortably. He attempted to do the unthinkable and win a third Derby race, but his legs weren’t able to carry him to victory. Rapid ranger enjoyed a peaceful retirement. In 2010 he suffered a stroke and was euthanized. The decision was made after losing the use of his legs.