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General Information

VIP-IBC is a unique betting software where you can find offers from more than 10 bookmakers and this provides the chance to benefit from highest limits and best odds. The most important fact about VIP-IBC is that you do not need to have separate accounts to bet on different bookmakers. With only one VIP-IBC account, you can have access to offers from all bookmakers available on VIP-IBC, among which you can find Betfair, Singbet, Sbobet, BetISN and other trusted Asian bookmakers. Besides, the best betting platform VIP-IBC welcomes winners without any restriction or limitation!

How does it work?

The best betting platform VIP-IBC has a unique interface where you can display all the offers available and choose the most suitable one for you among them. You do not have to switch between bookmakers accounts and try to keep a record of them to be able to track as the best offers are already displayed on your screen. You can also bet on offers other than those displayed on the screen but this is not the only thing that makes VIP-IBC the best betting platform.

Another important feature about VIP-IBC is its betslip. The best betting agent for Asian bookmakers developed a special betslip that is completely different from what you used to know. It does not only display the game you bet on, odds and the bookmaker. You have access to various features through the betslip the platform has.

VIP-IBC - One account with multiples bookies

VIP-IBC features

As mentioned above, this is a product from BET-IBC. We also checked the full site and you can read the best betting agent review at Racing Insider. As a result, VIP-IBC offers the best odds and highest limits but that is not the only advantage it provides for you. You can make use of the features that you have access through the special betslip the platform has. Some of those features can be listed as:

-Future fulfillment option: This feature lets you automate your betting strategy, especially if you are an arber. You select the odd and limit that you want manually and when it is matched with an offer from a bookie available on VIP-IBC, your bet is placed with the odd and limit you entered beforehand.

-Allow putting offers on Exchange: The software has 2 options to make bets: 1) look on all bookies if they have it and bet. 2) put it on an Exchange and it will appear there as “LAY”, so someone can come and back it, then it is also matched .

-Equivalent bets: are bets which results with the same result but different odds for example an equivalent bet can be under 0.5 and correct score 0:0.

-Skype Brokerage: This feature serves your interests especially if you are a highroller. You can check out offers from private bookies available through the betslip and even negotiate with them for higher limits or better odds.


Whether you are an experienced bettor or a beginner who is planning to take a step into the sports betting world, VIP-IBC is the perfect place for you. You can find the highest limits and best odds alongside amazing features that the best betting platform provides. The most important point is that VIP-IBC does not limit you if you are an all-time winner. If you want a place where you can have an amazing betting experience, do not waste your time looking for a bookmaker and open best betting software account to start winning big!

VIP-IBC Software, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings