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Sportmarket is a free betting broker service operated by Sportmarket Ltd. Based in Malta, and founded in 2004. Their mission is to provide great odds and a great service to their clients. They are affiliated with various highly respected bookmakers and tend to work with bookies that offer high bet limits. And just like the best betting agent, they do not discriminate against winners.

Broker for Asian bookmakers

Different from other brokers in the market, Sportmarket does not lay any part of the bets; they act only as an intermediate between the players and the bookmakers. The income comes from a commission that they receive from the bookmakers independently of the result of the bet. Their main focus is for clients who want to place large bets, but, since their referring system is fully automated, they can also accommodate smaller players.


Their Sportmarket Pro service, now free to use, allows their clients to place bets with multiple sportsbooks from a single account and it automatically places bets with the bookmaker that offers the best odds. It is a service aimed at serious bettors who want a more streamlined betting experience for their work. You can check more hard facts about Sportmarket Pro service right here; and if you wish a more traditional betting experience, they also offer individual bookmaker accounts with Pinnacle, IBC, ISN, Matchbook, and SBO. Lucky for you, we reviewed some of these bookies before! You can check our list of the most reliable bookmakers in the market in our bookmakers section.


One of the greatest advantages of Sportmarket is that, since they receive commissions from the bookies, they offer all their services free of charge, including their Sportmarket Pro service mentioned above. There, you can place bets on multiple bookmakers with a single account, as well as have your bets placed at the bookmaker that offers the highest odds automatically.

They also welcome winners; if you are a successful punter, many bookmakers can choose to close your accounts or give you very small limits. With Sportmarket, that will never be a problem, since they will never limit your accounts. They also offer private bookmaker accounts, an amazing cellphone app, and an exceptional customer support service. You can contact them by sending an email to, or by filling a simple contact form at their website.


Overall, Sportmarket is a great option for professional players. However, their high €250 entrance fees and €25 minimum bet make their services less suitable for recreational and new players.

For a very similar service with more friendly entrance fees, we recommend using the VIP-IBC platform, considered by many to be the best betting platform in the market. Just take a look at this software in our Betting High section and choose the platform that you like the most.

Sportmarket, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings