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Neteller is a well-known e-wallet founded in 1999. It is a fast and safe way to transfer funds to a betting account, not to mention this is one of the most popular nowadays as the best online bookmakers accept it. If you are planning to open an account via betting agent, then Neteller will definitely be one of the best options to fund that account.

Neteller for betting accounts

Opening a Neteller account is fast and easy; it will take you just a few minutes to complete the sign-up form. Its platform is user-friendly and it is very well adapted for the gaming industry. Funding a Neteller account is very easy as well; regular or quick local and international bank transfers, credit cards, Bitcoin, and Skrill are all the payment options available. And the fees for depositing and withdrawing may vary depending on the payment method you use.

Why Neteller?

This is one of the fastest, securest, and most reliable e-wallets in the market today. Neteller is faster than the banking system and also, it covers areas where both baking systems and credit/debit cards are not accepted. Additionally, customers can access not only from a PC but also through mobile devices with access to the Internet.

Through them, you can transfer money in more than 180 countries so it is pretty much the entire world! They also give you the possibility to choose from different currencies – more than 20 to be more precise. Finally, as we mentioned, the company is gaming-friendly; this means that you don’t need to give them explanations about where is your money going or coming as you can use it freely in your favourite gambling websites.

Neteller limits

By default, the new accounts have a limit set up and a limited number of transactions. However, it varies depending on the origin country. Limits also depend on whether the account is verified or not; the more verified it is, the higher the limits and the more features become available. To verify a Neteller account, you only need: driver license, passport or national ID card, address document, and a selfie of the customer with his/her ID.

All in all, Neteller provides safe, cheap, and fast money transactions as well as the safety of your personal information and the availability of your funds. For more information, find out its conditions and tutorial on how to deposit to betting accounts at BET-IBC. And also, you can check our best betting agent review in the Racing Insider’s brokers section.

Neteller, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating