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Responsible gaming

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Over the last few years, the Racing Insider team has been travelling to watch different horse and greyhound races, looking for trustable sites where to bet on our favourite sports and giving you the best news about the best races, tips and advice on how to manage your money via different payment methods accepted by the best bookies and exchanges. More than a job, this is the way we like to live and that is why we spend so much time bringing the best site for you to look at horse and greyhound racing. Having said this, we want you to be part of this journey of fun and take the betting world as one of your hobbies and not an addiction. Responsible gaming is a serious topic and we all need to make sure that we are on the safe side of it.

Be Gamble Aware In a few words, responsible gaming, also known as responsible gambling, means to play and bet in a safe, secure, and fun way, avoiding any type of negative consequence or irresponsible betting style. In order to accomplish this practice, we just need to make sure we know the difference between both sides of the coin and follow simple rules that comply with gambling responsibly every single time we want to make a bet.

The basic parameters you need to follow to enjoy the betting world are mentality, knowledge, money, and time. This might sound too deep and shuffling, so we prepared a small list of things you have to keep in mind to gamble responsibly:

– Play and bet for fun, like a hobby, not because you need money or you want to avoid a problem.
– Take into consideration that gambling can lead both to win and lose money.
– The multiple betting options are carefully designed, so the chances of winning big amounts of money with a small risk are unlikely to happen.
– Assign a defined amount of money for your bets. This works like all the needs you have in your life; The same way you take money for your food, bills, clothes, etc., you must take money to have fun while betting. Do not compromise the money you have to cover other needs.
– Do not follow or try to recover your losses as the odds of losing money will always be the same.
– Set a limit time for gambling. Just like you assign a definite amount of money for playing, do the same with the time you take for betting.
– Do not let the gambling affects or make distance between you and your friends and family.
– Avoid gambling during difficult economic or emotional times, as self-control can be more sensitive and it might lead to irresponsible gaming.

Gambling is not an easy way to make money and luck does not work as we believe it does. There are simply odds and the chances between winning and losing are the same – 50% for each. Many people will say they have a lucky number, the perfect strategy or the knowledge to beat a certain slot but those are nothing else than myths. The reality is that gambling must be just another hobby and not a way to solve your financial problems.

If you think you have a problem with gambling or know someone who might have it, there are tons of free websites where you can get help about responsible gambling. Most of them are confidential and anonymous in case you don’t want to share it with everyone. Be part of responsible gaming, promote a balanced style of play and most importantly, have fun!

The Stayers Chase Triple Crown: Jumping for the gold

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highest odds of Betfair account with a betting agentGreat news for the faithful followers of horse racing: The Jockey Club announced that the Triple Crown is again up for grabs for star jumpers! The Stayers Chase Triple Crown started as a Betfair initiative from 2005 to 2010, only to be reintroduced in 2015 by the Jockey Club which followed the same race format of the premier staying chase division. If you were waiting for this opportunity, I suggest you open original Betfair account via betting broker now that the odds are excellent and do not wait until the last minute

If you want to know what horse is favorite to lands the triple crown, let me tell you that Might Bite heads the market with @26.0. Native River is @34.0 while Sizing John and Thistlecrack are @51.0. Bristol De Mai is @101.0. If you think a horse will win the bonus, but not sure which one then the prize is @13.0.

In the past, legendary staying chasers such as Arkle, Desert Orchid and Best Mate never had the chance to complete the modern-day treble as the Betfair Chase was inaugurated in 2005. Only in 2006/2007, Kauto Star managed to complete the feat and be the first to win the £1 million bonus.

As you know horses have a shot at the cool million by winning not one but three required races: the Betfair Chase at Haydock is the first race and takes place on the 24th November. King George at Kempton follows on Boxing Day and if any horse has won the first two they will then head for the Gold Cup on the Friday of the Cheltenham Festival if all is well. Don’t forget to write down these dates in your calendar and take advantage of the highest odds of Betfair account via a betting agent!

Breeders’ Cup officially announced tracks for the upcoming years

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best odds for Breeders' CupThe organization of the Breeders’ Cup, one of the most important international competitions in horse racing, announced that the 2019 edition will be held at Santa Anita, the venue with the most Breeders’ Cup organized in the history of the competition. Those are great news if you were waiting for this major event, so hurry up and get the best odds for Breeders’ Cup only available when you open an original Betfair account via broker.

The racecourse at Arcadia, which has already invested $35 million in renovations, will host the event on Friday, November 1 and Saturday, November 2, 2019. In addition, the latest horse racing news revealed that they will invest $5 million in remodeling of the restaurants on the fourth and fifth floors, as well as suites and tables near the finish line. During the press conference in Santa Anita, they also revealed that the 2020 edition will be at Kentucky’s Keeneland Race Course and Del Mar Racetrack in 2021.

Since its first running in 1984, the Breeders’ Cup has visited 13 tracks in six states and two countries. To visit another course would bring exposure to tracks that players don’t always have top of mind, plus attract more local fans to the track and all the bettors searching the best odds for Breeders’ Cup. If there is one track, however, that the Breeders’ Cup continues to most overlook, it’s New York’s Belmont Park, which last hosted in 2005. Other tracks like Monmouth, Arlington and Laurel also deserve a chance.

Of course, the Breeders’ Cup is a business. Going to Churchill Downs, this year’s host site, along with the future three tracks, means guaranteed success because they have the proper size and enough amenities. So, these were the latest horse racing news, that the Racing Insider team prepared for all horse racing lovers. Keep in mind that November is just around the corner and don’t hesitate to enjoy the best odds for Breeders’ Cup and the high liquidity Betfair accounts via agent.