1. What should I expect from this blog?

As our name implies, we’re racing insiders, i.e. we have connections among jockeys, trainers, horse racing authorities, racecourses’ employees and media pundits. This helps us provide you with more accurate tips and previews than other similar blogs. You should expect horse racing and greyhound predictions supported by facts and common sense. You can also check our reviews that are available on our website and decide which bookmaker suits you. We have even reviewed the best betting agent for you.

2. How many races will you cover?

We don’t have a specific number. We aim for the best value every time; that’s why we won’t post predictions just for the sake of posting them. We have a set of signals that need to be triggered before we can write the previews and offer tips. In any type of betting, passion is a virtue, so don’t be put off by the lack of predictions.

3. What betting tools do you provide?

We provide horse racing cards where you can analyze the horses and compare the odds from various bookies. We also offer live streams for all the major events, as well as latest horse racing and greyhound results.

4. Is your blog helpful for complete novices to racing sports?

Yes it is. We have extensive sections covering horse racing and greyhound rules and history, type of bets, best bookmakers to wager on horses and greyhounds, and a history section where we pay tribute to famous jockeys, runners, and racecourses. We have everything to get you started.

5. Will I make money by following your tips?

Yes you will, but only if you have a strategy and sensible bankroll management. We offer bets on which we personally wager. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll always win. Professional betting is like trading stocks or currencies. You try to minimize loses and maximize winnings step by step. Besides, you can also have a look at the bookmakers for horse & greyhound racing section to find a bookie that suits your needs.

6. Can I bet on horse racing and greyhounds outside of UK and Republic of Ireland?

Of course you can. The bookies we recommend accept international customers. However, some features and promotions may not be available in your country. Read our reviews to see whether your country is restricted or not and find the ones that will work better for you.

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