10 Most Expensive Horses in The World

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When we look at the prices, we can deduct that horse racing is one of the most expensive sports for sure. What makes them so expensive? Sometimes their performances, and sometimes their ancestors. The buyers are usually billionaires, including businessmen with great wealth and even royal family members. We have made a list of the 10 most expensive horses in the world just as a list of the best betting tips on BET-IBC.

Let’s look at them, and see if they were worthy or not:

1) Fusaichi Pegasus

Fusaichi Pegasus, the most expensive horse in the world, had been an important racing horse. Pegasus won Kentucky Derby in 2000 and completed its career with nine starts, six victories and two losses. Fusaichi Pegasus has won 1.994.400 dollars during its career. When it dropped out from the races, Pegasus was the last horse that was descended from Shareef Dancer.

Fusaichi Pegasus

2) Shareef Dancer

Racehorse Shareef Dancer had won 246.463 in five races. Shareef Dancer was brought for 40 million dollars by a Dubai Emir in 1983. It descended from Northern Dancer. It earned 2 million in total, therefore we can say that it had a profitable career.

Shareef Dancer

3) Totilas (21 million dollars)

Totilas has been the most expensive palfrey so far, and it is really worth it. It has been referred to as the most outstanding horse in the world. The Dutch horse broke a lot of records with the points it got during the races, and it is the only race who took more than 90 points in a race. It was sold to a German businessman in 2011.

Matthias Alexander Rath (GER)&Totilas- Grand Prix Special – European Championship Dressage 2011 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – 20 August 2011

4) Green Monkey

Green Monkey holds the record of being the most expensive pure-blood sold in auction, and it descended from Northern Dancer. Because of its breed, a lot was expected from Green Monkey, but it only won three races. It earned 10.440 dollars in its career in total.

Green Monkey

5) Palloubet d’Halong (15 million dollars)

Palloubet d’Halong is the most expensive performance horse, sold for 15 million dollars. It was brought by Jan Tops in Dutch Olympic Gold Medallist.

Palloubet d’Halong

6) Seattle Dancer

Irish horse Seattle Dancer broke the world record of being the most expensive horse sold at the age of one or two. Seattle Dancer descended from Nijinsky, which won English Triple Crown 1971. It won two races, it was more profitable a breeding horse. Seattle Dancer died from a heart attack.

Seattle Dancer

7) Meydan City

Meydan City was sold for 11,7 million dollars in 2006 auction. Unfortunately, it was one of the disappointing horses. It won 1360 dollar in total during its whole career.

Meydan City

8) Snaafi Dancer

Snaafi Dancer was brought by the breeding company Aston Upthorpe. It descended from Northern Dancer, but it was extremely slow during the races. It was injured and then had breeding problems.

Snaafi Dancer

9) Jalil

American pure-blood Jalil was born in Kentucky, in 2004. And it was sold to Godolphin Racing in 2006. It was a better investment than Plavius. Jalil managed to win Maktum Challenge and completed its career with 327.324.


10) Plavius

Plavius was bought by the vice president of United Arab Emirates. But it didn’t meet the expectations. Now, it’s 9 years old, and has won 41.572 dollars in total so far.


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