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We specialize in horse racing and greyhound betting, here you’ll find the most interesting and valuable information about these markets. We also recommend some incredible bookmakers that are perfect for betting on horse racing or on greyhound racing. Of course, one of the best exchanges to bet horse racing is Betfair exchange. However, due to the restrictions, many punters look for other options. Account-Exchange started activities in 2016, the main purpose was to provide solutions for those bettors who want to get original betting accounts and they cannot because of many reasons.

Betting without restrictions via betting broker

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Account-Exchange offers the most common payment methods used by punter Among those, Skrill, Neteller and a huge variety of cryptocurrencies. It is also the right place for those who like transactions fast, as they offer express service, which can be selected on any deposit, withdrawal or transfer between accounts form in order to the transaction be processed faster.

The motto of this company is that they offer tangible solutions and not mere words. The service of this broker is just great. Support works all day and different languages like English, Spanish, Turkish and French are available. The fees are reasonable, the list of accounts they provide is extensive and last but not least, their customer service is absolutely remarkable.

Horse Racing

Being one of the most popular sports among the betting community, horse racing has a deep-rooted history. Although it varies in format from culture to culture or country to country, the main goal remains the same: finishing the race before the other horses. Since ancient times, this sport has been practiced by many civilizations. The most renowned empires in history put great importance on horse racing. Be it Ancient Greek or Roman Empire, chariot racing was the main event people used to enjoy watching.

On the other hand, horse racing as we know dates back to Great Britain. The term “Thoroughbred Racing” became popular among British society in time. Later, this sport has earned the nickname Sports of Kings. Having been cherished by the kings, equestrian sports held a prominent place for the noble. Dating back to 1781, Epsom Derby is the most prestigious racing event in Britain after so many years. The importance of this derby is that it created a bridge between the poor and the noble. Furthermore, betting on horse racing became widespread thanks to the Derby. Today, horse racing betting is one of the most preferred betting events all over the world.

Betting on Horse Racing

Betting on Horse racingHistorically speaking, betting on horse racing was practiced in many ways, the most famous of which is parimutuel betting. In parimutuel betting, all the money staked by the bettors is gathered in a pool and those who predicted the outcome correctly receive their share proportionally.

Alternatively, bookmakers make a market through which bettors lock in their odds. This method is practiced mainly by the UK, Australia, and Ireland. It is also called as “taking the price”. In the modern-day world, however, horse racing betting mainly takes place at online bookmakers. As we mentioned before, horse racing has a great significance amongst the British community. The same can be observed through the online betting activity in this very same community. Being one of the biggest betting exchanges in the industry, Betfair is probably the gathering point of all horse racing lovers. For this reason, we checked this exchange by ourselves and you can read the most popular features of Betfair in our site. However, we are aware that it is tiresome for many of you to get an original Betfair account. Don’t worry at all! We got you covered. In this blog, you will see many options to choose from for your horse racing betting activities. We have made our research to help you regardless of your nationality. Even if you are from a restricted country for a specific bookmaker, the betting brokers or agents we recommend will be glad to provide you with a solution.

Greyhound Racing

In this blog, we will not forget about the greyhound lovers as well. Although it may not be as popular as horse racing, greyhound racing has a significant place among the betting community. Greyhound racing is rather younger compared to horse racing. The very first attempt to hold a greyhound race was realized in England. However, the attempt to develop greyhound racing as a popular sport didn’t happen overnight. Only in 1912, did the invention of artificial hare emerge. The motive behind this invention was to stop the killing of jackrabbits for fun. This was a turning point for the greyhound racing. In the 1920s, this sport started to be practiced in the United States. Around the 1930s, the parimutuel betting system started to be practiced in the United States as well. At this point, it provided a great income for the owners of greyhound betting industries.

Betting on Greyhound RacingLater on, Britain was introduced to greyhound racing. It was an alternative to horse racing, which was of great importance in the British betting community. Therefore, it caused disagreements amongst the people who were open to new betting opportunities and those who monopolized the horse race betting industry. However, after the second world war, greyhound racing reached its peak. Until the 1960s, greyhound racing was nearly as popular as horse racing. However, after the legislation of the UK Betting and Gaming Act, the popularity of this sport started to decline. Today, betting on greyhound racing is still possible through many online service providers. If you are interested in betting on greyhound racing or just looking for information about this sport, you have come to the right place!

Our Mission

The main objective is to help horse and greyhound racing lovers as much as we can. We, personally, enjoy betting on horse races and we are proud to say that we are pretty good at it. In this blog, you will come across tips & advises to get better at betting. If you are not interested in betting and just looking for fun facts or history of these great sports, you are also welcome. We dedicated ourselves to find the most up-to-date information about horse and greyhound racing.

As much as we want to help anyone around the world, we must state that we respect and abide by the ethical codes of Responsible Gambling. We kindly warn you not to bet on horse racing and greyhound racing to generate income. We promote horse & greyhound racing betting only for entertainment purposes. Regarding the restrictions and legislation, we are not responsible for any damages you might experience as a result of the services we recommend.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact Racing-Insider. We offer our services for free. Betting on horse racing is a great joy for us.

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