How To Select A Race and How To Analyse

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Let’s say that you find a bookmaker that offers the best odds and meets your needs. However, if you don’t know how to bet on, nothing will work. The best thing to do in the beginning is to select only one type of race, and completely focus on it. Keep a notebook beside you and note down some information about the horses that interest you. Because these notes are created by you, you can take a look on them later on without having any doubts. Having a file which you can always consult is the most important aspect of betting. Of course, there are tons of predictions and tips out there in the internet. However, you are more likely to achieve success with your own experiences, not with others’.

Two of the things that you should be taking notes are the weight balance and the names of jockeys who are in form, or have the potential. Secondly, the type of the race and the daily weather need to be written down. For example, some horses may have troubles with wet ground. In this case, the database you’ll be creating is the newest source that you can refer to.

After this point, your improvement will be parallel to the time that you’ve spent on making strategies. Focusing on only one type of race will also reduce the numbers of races that you’ll be studying. When you look at the horses, don’t pay attention to which one has the funniest name or which one has the proper weight. The form of the horse is one the most important factors, which is a information you can access from any betting website. If you happen to have much more time, take a look at previous matches also. Take notes of everything you find useful.


Horse racing has always been popular, so it’s easy to access to solid information. The easiest way to do it is follow social media accounts of jockeys and trainers. You should regularly visit websites in which you can find up-to-date news and information all about horse racing. By help of these websites, you can access to an extensive knowledge and statistics about horses, races and tracks. However, don’t pay too much attention to the horses which are selected in the articles written there as they are not written by a professional. You can access to general information through betting websites.

History of Horse Racing

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It’s true that we all enjoy betting on horse races, and want to gain money at the same time. But wouldn’t it be better if we dive into deeper? After all, it’s not only about money. It’s also about passion. From what did horse racing stem from? How were the races done? How did they differ from the current races? Let’s find out the answers!

Horses are domesticated in order to encourage horse raising. It has been done for centuries, It dates back to Olympics at the Helenic Republic. Since then, it has improved and become wide around the world. Early on, horses used to race, even though they were attached to carriages. Later, Romans learned about horse racing from Greek people. Races was held in circuses, and the jockeys were chosen among slaves. Jockeys, who were riding without any equipments, would try to show their skills, such as jumping from horse to another horse during the races. Roman jockeys would wear clothes made of shiny and colorful fabric, so that they could be seen from far away, similar to our current time. Also, they would be referees at the races.

As time went by, royal Romans also got interested in horse racing, and started to ride horses. Winner would get a big amount of money, statues of the horses would be modeled into, and there would be tombs of the horses which were dead. We can say that, because a stone on which almost 120 horse names were written was found. A rope would be pulled so that the horses could be in alignment before the race. Also, there would be people who were appointed to make sure that the races were done fairly. People would also bet on horse races.

In reign of Emperor Neron, horses would race without jockeys. They would hang pieces of woods with nails around the horse. These nails would hurt the horses, and maket hem race faster. Horse racing found favor also among the Arab people. They also gave a big importance to the fairness of the races. They have been quite good at horse raising, managing and riding.

Races used to be organized in livestock bazaars. Later on, horse races were reformed by King James I. Races that took place for 400 years have a great effect on pure-blood British horses to become productive. Pure-blood British horses are the most suitable ones for races because of their speed, and the way they are ridden. They came to exist when the horses brought from East were mated with 36 breeding Arab, Turk, and North African horses.

Today, all of the horses are required to have a pedigree, showing their ancestors. These pedigrees are identified by organizations such as Jockey Club.

10 Most Expensive Horses In The World

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When we look at the prices, we can deduct that horse racing is one of the most expensive sports for sure. What makes them so expensive? Sometimes their performances, and sometimes their ancestors. The buyers are usually billionaires, including businessmen with great wealth and even royal family members.

Let’s look at them, and see if they were worthy or not:

1) Fusaichi Pegasus
Fusaichi Pegasus, the most expensive horse in the world, had been an important racing horse. Pegasus won Kentucky Derby in 2000 and completed its career with nine starts, six victory and two losses. Fusaichi Pegasus has won 1.994.400 dollar during its career. When it dropped out from the races, Pegasus was the last horse which was descended from Shareef Dancer.

2) Shareef Dancer
Racehorse Shareef Dancer had won 246.463 in five races. Shareef Dancer was brought for 40 million dollar by a Dubai Emir in 1983. It descended from Northern Dancer. It earned 2 million in total, therefore we can say that it had a profitable career.

3) Totilas (21 million dollar)
Totilas has been the most expensive palfrey so far, and it is really worth it. It has been referred as the most outstanding horse in the world. The Dutch horse broken a lot of records with the points it got during the races, and it is the only race who took more than 90 points in a race. It was sold to a German businessman in 2011.

Matthias Alexander Rath (GER)&Totilas- Grand Prix Special – European Championship Dressage 2011 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – 20 August 2011

4) Green Monkey
Green Monkey holds the record of being the most expensive pure-blood sold in auction, and it descended from Northern Dancer. Because of its breed, a lot was expected from Green Monkey, but it only won three races. It earned 10.440 dollar in its career in total.

5) Palloubet d’Halong (15 million dollar)
Palloubet d’Halong is the most expensive performance horse, sold for 15 million dollar. It was brought by Jan Tops in Dutch Olympic Gold Medallist.

6) Seattle Dancer
Irish horse Seattle Dancer broke the world record of being the most expensive horse sold at the age of one or two. Seattle Dancer descended from Nijinsky, which won English Triple Crown 1971. It won two races, it was more profitable a breeding horse. Seattle Dancer died from heart attack.

7) Meydan City
Meydan City was sold for 11,7 million dollar in 2006 auction.Unfortunately, it was one of the dissappointing horses. It won 1360 dollar in total during its whole career.

8) Snaafi Dancer
Snaafi Dancer was brought by the breeding company Aston Upthorpe. It descended from Northern Dancer, but it was extremely slow during the races. It was injured, and then had breeding problems.

9) Jalil
American pure-blood Jalil was born in Kentucky, in 2004. And it was sold to Godolphin Racing in 2006. It was a better investment than Plavius. Jalil managed to win Maktum Challenge and completed its career with 327.324.

10) Plavius
Plavius was bought by the vice president of United Arab Emirates. But it didn’t meet the expectations. Now, it’s 9 years old, and has won 41.572 dollars in total so far.

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Pegasus World Cup 2018

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January 27 is the date when the second edition of Pegasus Cup will take place at the Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida. It is known as the richest horse race around the world, it surpassed the Dubai World Cup last year with a prize of total 16 million dollars! It’s incredible, isn’t it? We know that horce racing is a sport for the affluent, but didn’t imagine it could be that much! You have the chance of getting good amounts of profit when you bet on bookmakers which offer odds for this event, one of them is Sbobet where you can find the most valuable odds for Pegasus Cup. If you don’t have an account yet, don’t worry! BET-IBC, one of the best and most trustable agents, can help you.

Runners are 4 years old or more, as of rules. The race distance is 1 and 1/8 miles on dirt, and runners are 4 years old or more, as of rules. Let’s look into runners for more details, so that you can have a clear idea which horse to place your bet on. Keep on writing, and get confident with your pick! Here are the runners with their owners:

Singing Bullet – Stronach Stables – Dale L. Romans
West Coast – Gary and Mary West – Bob Baffert
Stellar Wind – Mrs. John Magnier, Michael Tabor, Derrick Smith – Chad C. Brown
Sharp Azteca – Ivan Rodriguez and Martin Scharf – Jorge Navarro
Collected – Speedway Stable LLC – Bob Baffert
Gunnevera – Margoth – Antonio Sano
Fear the Cowboy – Kathleen Amaya and Raffaele Centofanti – Efren Loza Jr.
War Story – Looch Racing Stables, Inc., Glenn K. Ellis and Imaginary Stables – Jorge Navarro
Toast of New York – Al Shaqab Racing – James A. Osborne
Gun Runner – Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC and Three Chimneys Farm – Steven M. Asmussen
Seeking the Soul – Charles E. Fipke – Dallas Stewart
Giant Expectations – Exline-Border Racing LLC, Gatto Racing LLC and Garrett Zubok – Peter Eurton

Last year’s winner Arrogate currently holds the record, it brought his owner 7.5 millions dollars in total! Unbelievable! This year we have three favourites: Singing Bullet, Sharp Azteca and Gun Runner. The Singing Bullet has an amazing speed, the Sharp Azteca had a great victory at the Grade 1 Cigar Mile, and the Gun Runner will receive the title of Horse of the Year 2018 at Gulfstream Park. But there is no clear cut, we can’t say which one is absolutely better or worse. That’s one of the reasons what makes this event more exciting and breath taking. We hope that you could get an opinion about the event overall, and get familiar with it. Be a part of this event, place your bet on your Sbobet account that you can easily open via BET-IBC, and wait for your profit!


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Everyone wants to make good profits when they play the horses. Have you ever considered properly what it requires to be successful? Don’t worry if you haven’t! We have compiled a few points for you, so that you can pay more attention what you have been doing wrong or not been doing at all.

1. One of the points that shouldn’t be forgiven is that the horses are living beings after all. We, as humans, don’t put in the same performance every single day, neither don’t horses. They may have various health issues, but since they can’t express themselves with words, we may not understand it. That is where their keepers step in. The keepers should be a hundread percent aware of the condition of the horses.

2. This point is quite relevant to the first one. An animal has a psychology as a human has. They are in contact with their environenment and with the people surrounding them. They may be satistified or not, and it naturally affects their performance in a bad or a good way.

3. The number of the horses which perform the same is so little. By performance, we mean “stability”. That’s why surprises often take place. The stability in their performance isn’t about them coming first or second. It is about them resulting same in the same track, distance and weight.

4. The possibility of a horse coming second, third or fourth as before depends on the performances of its rivals on the same track and distance.

5. How is the favourite horse decided? There are a lof of differenet opinions about it. Some consider its former performances as first or second, some consider its former performance as a whole, and some try to consider both of the views. But, favourite one should be decided with a single criteria which is “flat performance”. Its performance should be stable.

6. Jockeys are pretty affective for a horse to win or to lose a race. Their state of mind during the race is relatively important. They should guide their horses accurately. Most importantly, they shouldn’t get the idea that they already win the race even though it isn’t finished yet. It may even happen to the most professional jockeys time to time. It’s better to stay focused until the very last moment.

7. The last but the most important point is that you shouldn’t lose yourself when you bet. It can lead you to a very bad situation. It’s best to be aware of your capacity, both financially and psychologically.

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2018 Grand National

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In the previous century the Grand National was regarded as famous for its unforeseen nature. Nothing is the same nowadays and it is far less of the lotto than many people imagine. You can easily guess runners who can win big races with the help of statistics. Additionally it is known as the most valuable jump race in Europe as the prize was a total of 1 million in 2017. You can also get your profit via BET-IBC that you can 100% trust. There, you have the chance of opening accounts at the best bookmakers and exchanges and gamble on the Grand National.

Last year’s winner was One For Arthur, ridden by jockey Derek Fox and trained by Lucinda Russell. There also a lot of runners that you can select to bet: the Black Lion, Minella Rocco, Native River, Pleasant Company, Definitely Red, Our Duke, Don Poli, Total Recall, Ucello Conti, Vieux Lion Rouge, Vicente, Noble Endeavor, Outlander, Mall Dini, The Last Samurai.

The Grand National for 2018 will be held on Saturday 14th April at 5: 15 p. meters. at its usual location, Aintree Racecource. There is certainly still time to place your bets via among the finest growing exchanges – Matchbook. Yet, you may want to find out more on the runners before positioning your wagers, so let’s have a look at a few of them:

The Black Lion
If the Black Lion finally involves in the Grand National again, it will require a significantly better race to improve on the fourth position he got a year ago, along with a little less weight given by the handicappers.

Cause of Causes
He can be considered as a good pick when he practically gave trainer Gordon Elliott his second Grand National win in 2017 before getting beaten at the post by One For Arthur. He has the potential and his chances of winning are quite high.

Ucello Conti
This runner was the most loved at the start of the race. He had every one of the qualities expected to win a race like Grand National yet he was not all that fortunate a year ago. However, we can expect a good performance from him this year.
The intricacy of the Grand National fences and different hindrances, alongside the quantity of challengers (around 40 stallions) is the thing that makes the race one of a kind. Horses and riders need to arrange diverse levels of trouble in every snag in the meantime as they are endeavoring to stay before their opposition. The fact that the entire occasion is a handicap race doesn’t make the race any easier. And it means that each horse and rider, aside from the previously mentioned, will likewise need to adapt to the extra weight allocated to him to make the race more equivalent!

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A fortune awaits for you!