About Us

We are delightful to have you onboard and would like to tell you more about us. Furthermore, we are going to explain what we’re doing and why we’ve created this website. We are a team of professional tipsters, making a living out of horse racing and greyhound racing. If you think that we’re one of those guys who don’t have a regular job and spend hours at home looking for the best odds and value bets, you’re right. Most of our time is spent on finding the best option for your horse racing bets. After taking a look at our blog, we’re sure that you will find at least one original betting account with a betting service.

This is our lifestyle, and while many believe that it’s smooth and easy to be a professional gambler, we beg to differ. We’ve endured a fair share of mistakes and failures before finding our gambling rhythm. Yes, we earn more than the average citizen, but way below the amount necessary to buy private jets, football teams or random islands in the Pacific.

Our Objective

Now that you’ve found out what the deal is about us, it is time to tell you our objectives. We specialize in horseracing and greyhound betting because these are our national sports and we’re avid followers of British traditions. We’ve been to hundreds of races all over the country, and this has helped us in our betting careers. We know the specifics of each race and the history of horses and dogs that compete in it.

By creating this betting blog, we want to help other racing enthusiasts win as many bets as possible. We will bring you horse racing and greyhound tips. Besides, you will find the results from all the races in this blog. Not to mention that we will have reviews for the most remarkable bookmakers for horse racing. We have also listed agents for those who have problems opening their own accounts. To bet on the best betting platforms via agent, we recommend you the best betting agent for horse racing. If you want to be ahead of the bookies, bookmark our blog and look for our previews and predictions ahead of the events.

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