The landscape of horse and greyhound racing has changed dramatically in the last couple of decades. The emergence of online gambling as the dominant force in the horse racing and greyhound industry has brought it not only a big influx of funds but also a competitive and entertaining environment for all parties involved in these beautiful sports. 

If you’re a newcomer to the racing sports, or one of those folks who still wager only at the racecourse, this website is precisely what you need. We have a list of the best bookmakers for Horse racing via an Agent which we believe offer the best racing markets, odds and bonuses. Read our comprehensive reviews to see what you can expect from the likes of William Hill, Ladbrokes and BetVictor.

The pros of online gambling far outweigh the cons. You can experience the entire racing package which includes placing wagers, watching the race, receiving tips and discussing the events from the comfort of your home or on the go via mobile phones and tablets.  You save precious time and fuel costs by avoiding long drives to the nearest race track.

You don’t have to waste 40 minutes between the races to place another wager. Online betting gives you options – you can clean the house, take a nap or get some other work done. And finally, you can bet on daily meetings from all over the country. The betting variety and flexibility is unmatched at the online bookies.

But choosing a reliable online operator is just the beginning of your adventure. Betting is fun only if you have something to show for it, and in every punter’s case that’s constant profits. Racing-Inisder.com offers you the latest horse racing tips and greyhound predictions to help you make the right betting decision and pick the correct runners.

The website also features previews from the most popular and anticipated meetings in UK, Ireland and USA. The website contributors are seasoned punters with years of experience. We base our predictions on a complex formula that have brought us tremendous success over the years.

If you’re looking for additional horse racing info, or dog racing news you’ve landed in the right place. We have sections about rules and history as well a page dedicated to the bet types where we go extensively through each betting variation. We also pay tribute to the famous horses, greyhounds, jockeys and race tracks in our exclusive Heroes section.

In Racing-Insider.com you have a reliable and knowledgeable betting companion. Visiting us regularly will improve your betting discipline and tactics. Our free horse racing and greyhound tips are specifically aimed for your long term success. Now, before you go and browse through our different categories take a look at 3 crucial facts for betting on horse and dog racing that can be used to your advantage.

Favourite horses or dogs win about 33% of the time. This means that 67% of the time runners with less chance to succeed and thus bigger odds claim the victory. This is your chance to profit. Rather than following the bookies darlings it’s more profitable to bet against them.

The top ten jockeys in the standings win about 90 percent of the races run during the meeting. Make sure to always check the Jockey stats and rankings fluctuations.

The win percentage has nothing to do with profit. If you don’t want to be a mere passenger in online betting, forget about the win percentage and concentrate only on the return of investment. The huge number of betting opportunities and a slight edge generates certain profits long-term.

Now that you’ve caught a glimpse of the mechanics behind betting on horses and dogs, take your time to absorb the racing info available on this website and make sure to come back for regular news, previews and recaps.

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